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The Ukulele is a member of the lute family and originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian adaptation of a small guitar like instrument known as the Portuguese machete. It gained popularity in the USA during the early 20th century and since spread internationally. The tone and volume of the ‘Uke’ vary dependent on the size and construction. It has a much shorter scale than the guitar and so has a higher standard pitch. They typically have four nylon strings and the most common forms are soprano, concert, tenor and baritone.

At Bandland we are big fans of his fun and versatile instrument and so offer a wide range of ukuleles from leading brands like Tanglewood, Fender and Ibanez.

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B & M UBJ1 Banjo Ukulele

B & M UBJ1 Banjo Ukulele

The Barnes & Mullins (B&M) UBJ1 Banjo-lele is a charming instrument. Made in the tradition of many banjo-ukes...

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